Dextrose, important for the brain.

The brain is our most active organ. It relies on glucose – also known as dextrose.

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Our most popular companion at competitions.

Liquid Gel

A concentrate containing short-chain carbohydrates that allows rapid uptake by the body. It is especially suitable for taking during sporting activities and can be absorbed easily during strenuous physical exertion due to its liquid consistency.

Scientific Facts

Compared to other nutrients that we usually consume, dextrose is the fastest entering the blood. To confirm this, the Department of Nutrition, Institute of Sports and Sports Science (IfSS) at Freiburg University compared the glycemic index of dextrose with various other foods (e.g. bananas).

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Unser beliebtester WettkapfbegleiterMost popular everyday companion

Cube Classic

Since 1935, the Dextro Energy cube has been available – then as now – consisting of individually wrapped tablets. Today, Dextro Energy is offered in several product formats taking into account individual needs as well as personal taste preferences. With their handy size, they fit into the smallest pocket.